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We are Kubuceros

A trend-setting environmental management consultancy and advocacy company headquartered in the Republic of South Africa..

Our conviction

The environment is supreme to our being. So put the environment first and let it guide and sustain our being ©

Our Vision

Human race living in peace & harmony with itself; and in peace & harmony with the environment ©

Our Mission

To enable humanity to restore and maintain Earth’s ability to sustain life today, tomorrow and always.

Our core values: Respect

Proudly people centered. Treat all peoples, communities & countries with the same respect, dignity and courtesy irrespective of geography, religious or cultural beliefs

Our core values: Simplicity

Simplify environmental management and reduce associated costs

Our core values: Inclusiveness

Involve the diversity of disciplines and stakeholders required for effective environmental Management.

More about Kubuceros

The name Kubuceros is inspired by one of the most majestic animals to ever grace our planet:  the Rhinoceros.Kubuceros has a foundation document called Our Charter. Our Charter contains our conviction, our vision, our mission/purpose, our strategy and our values. It governs the work we do and how we go about doing it.

Kubuceros is managed by a team of vastly skilled and experienced professionals in environmental management

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New Kubuceros Projects

We provide services to mines, manufacturing industries, agriculture, government (Regulator), civil society and other environmental organizations & NGOs.

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Kubuceros Management team and specialists are affiliated to the following :

  • SACEPA – South African Coal Environmental Practitioners Association
  • Chambers of Mines – Strata control & rock mechanics
  • SACNASP – South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions

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