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Purpose / Mission

Our purpose is to enable humanity to restore and maintain Earth’s ability to sustain life today, tomorrow and always.

Our Strategy:

  • Work with Business and the Regulator to achieve their environmental obligations as per applicable legal, corporate and other requirements.
  • Work with Business, Government and Civil Society to make the environment the foundation [cardio-vascular system] of human existence. Education and Training (Regulator & educational institutions) being key in implementing a refined curriculum for key disciplines in environmental management

Our Values

  • Respect – People are the center of all activities because they make things happen. Treat each other with respect, dignity and courtesy ... in the spirit of Ubuntu

  • Simplicity – Simplify environmental management and reduce associated costs

  • Inclusiveness – Involve the diversity of disciplines required for effective environmental management. Trust, teamwork and win-win relationships are imperatives.

  • Collaboration – With a sense common purpose, we achieve more by working together with business, civil society and government.

Our Success

We are successful when:

  • Our staff is happy and committed to the work we do and how we do it.
  • Advocacy -
    • Curriculum for key disciplines for environment management are being implemented through the Education and Training system, supported by an enabling legislative framework
    • Ultimately,  all  human  activities  put  the  environment  first,  knowing  that  “the
      environment is that on which humans depend and that without which no humans will exist” MF<>