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Kubuceros proudly provides the following services:

  • 1. Impact Assessment for authorisations
    Conduct basic and full environmental impact assessment to help organisation obtain different authorisations/licenses in terms of environmental acts.
  • 2. Environmental Audit Service
    Conduct internal environmental audits to assess the level of compliance with approved authorisations, provide recommendations of specialist studies and consult on rectifying unauthorised activities
  • 3. Pre-directives and Directives
    Interface with the Regulators on behalf of an organisation with regards to pre-Directives [Notices of Intention], Directives, and action other related; requests / demands.
  • 4. Environmental Monitoring programs
    Develop and implement management monitoring program for Land, water air Biodiversity waster and hazardous substance.
  • 5. Reporting Processes/Plans
    Device reporting processes/plans for organisation in terms of set desired parameters such as data types, target audiences and reporting frequencies.
  • 6. Stakeholder Management
    Identify and train key-stakeholders throughout organisation and deine environmental responsibilities/roles.
  • 7. Environmental Due-diligence Studies
    Perform environmental due-diligence studies for sales, acquisitions, joint ventures, mergers and demergers; and for Greenfields and Brownfields.
  • 8. Specialist Environmental studies
    Perform Specialist studies which include but no limited to: Surface and ground water quantity and quality; Geochemical studies; Vegetation and wetlands studies; Micron flora and fauna; Noise, light and air studies
  • 9. Source of water and security
    Locate the sources of water using the best predictive modelling mechanisms and secure its future supply to communities and industries.
  • 10. Environmental Risk Management
    Conduct environmental risk management and provide advisory services on preventative and mitigation control to put in place
  • 11. Miscellaneous Services
    Perform social impact assessment, rural developments projects, Heritage resources management, Relocations and re-settlements